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Cargomind (Ukraine) TOV - Kiev

Cargomind (Ukraine) TOV - Kiev


Building 3B, Suite 3-401

Prospekt Stepana Bandery 9

04073 Kiev,


WFA +380 (44) 5370 435

WFA +380 (44) 5370 435


Cargomind continues the values created by Cargoplan, a former Leader in the Austrian Airfreight Market and Pioneer in Eastern Europe.

Cargomind has developed into a Micro Multinational with 25 offices in Central & Eastern Europe, South East Europe and Asia.
Air and Ocean Services are provided in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia.

A Team of 236 experienced and Highly Motivated Professionals provide first class Logistics Services. They handled 58.425 Shipments and generated Sales of €70 Million in 2019.