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AIT Worldwide Logistics // Denver, Colorado

AIT Worldwide Logistics // Denver, Colorado


8354 Northfield Blvd.

Suite 3700

Denver, 80238


United States

WFA +1 303 307-1222

WFA +1 303 307-1188


MON-FRI, 08:00-17:00


Founded in 1979, Itasca, Illinois-based AIT Worldwide Logistics is a full service transportation management provider. With continental headquarters in Chicago, Amsterdam and Hong Kong, AIT’s offices form a vast network spanning the globe.

By coupling a flexible business model with robust technology that presents end-to-end shipment visibility, AIT delivers precisely tailored supply chain efficiencies for almost every industry imaginable. Leveraging creative, competitively priced multimodal solutions, AIT removes the complexity from global logistics puzzles, helping companies thrive by regaining focus on the core goals of their business.

Our Mission
At AIT, we vigorously seek opportunities to earn our customers’ trust by delivering exceptional worldwide logistics solutions while passionately valuing our co-workers, partners and communities.